hot stamping foils

hot stamping

Hot stamping is a very often used method of decorating packaging. First of all, it is a dry printing technique used in lithography, where the foils are transferred to a certain surface at high temperature levels. Dry means better for the environment and easier to use. Temperature is a key part of the process, because it is the temperature that enables the image to be transferred to the paper in the right way. Matrices and foils are basic tools in the hot stamping process. Matrices are usually made of metal such as brass, copper or tempered steel. It is worth knowing that the matrices can be cast or formed directly. When it comes to foils necessary for hot stamping, they can be metal and non-metallic. They are available in many colours. These are multilayer coatings that transfer to a specific product surface. The best known hot stamping machine is a simple press. What the operator actually has to do is fix the die to the plate. However, it is also important to know the parameters, as this allows you to make full use of the possibilities of hot stamping; the procedure becomes more durable and the performance done at a very high level.