A good product is one that combines features such as good design, functionality, reliability and workmanship quality.

In our Printing House we produce various types of packaging, tailored to the needs of our customers. Very often they are very highly refined - they have gilding, embossing, foiling, varnishing or hot-stamping. Our offer also includes the pasting of PET foil windows, holders and tear-off tapes. All this allows us to create the most sophisticated products.

The main branches of our production are:

Packaging of this kind is most often used for products where aesthetics plays a key role - this is the case in the cosmetics and food industries, among others. As a company, we specialize in manufacturing metallized packaging made of solid cardboard. It is an ideal material for exposing premium products such as cosmetics, good chocolates, and select spirits.

Laminated packaging is made from a combination of solid and corrugated cardboard. In the lamination process, the printed sheet is combined with corrugated cardboard, usually 2- or 3-layer thick. They are most popular among customers for whom increased strength, durability of packaging and its aesthetic appearance are the basis. They are used, among others, in household chemistry, food and automotive industries, as well as in the increasingly popular and rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

For a growing group of customers we produce packaging based on the most modern components. These are products using metallized substrates and ECO packaging made of biodegradable materials. We also offer printing on FSC® certified raw materials in accordance with the requirements of the Chain of Control of Product Origin.