silver laminated paper


Modern printing industry is a production area that requires high quality finished products and innovations. Thanks to the use of metallized substrates, UV-fixed inks and varnishes in the production process and the use of appropriately armed offset printing machines, we can achieve very effective looking prints. Thanks to UV printing technology, immediate and further processing of sheets and a wide range of printing substrates used is possible. This is where non-absorbent substrates coated with polyester foil, commonly referred to as "metallized", previously printed with the conventional method was susceptible to damage and time consuming. Thanks to the wide range of colours of the foil used for coating the sheet, it allows to obtain incomparable aesthetic values in relation to white substrates. Additionally, substrates coated with metallized film are characterized by greater rigidity and resistance to mechanical damage.

The metallization of the sheets consists in covering them with polyester foil for later printing. Metallized substrates are used with more and more frequently, for the following reasons:

  • they help to make the product more attractive and thus increase its competitiveness;
  • elements similar to gold or silver give a sense of exclusivity;
  • metallic elements lead to an increase in the amount of reflected light, which makes the product more noticeable.

Metallized substrates are mainly used for packaging in the cosmetics, tobacco and food industries, as well as for labels and greeting cards.